Monday, May 5, 2014

Take Action: Ukrainian-English Bilingual KidLit!

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So I've been teaching and working with multilingual kids for years now, and it's definitely not always easy to find bilingual books. Locating great Spanish-English bilingual children's literature has gotten somewhat easier lately, but it's still not a simple task.

Living in very diverse cities, however, meant that I taught students who had emigrated from all over the world, not just Spanish-speaking countries. The nations my kids represented included places like the Faroe Islands, Indonesia, and Nepal.

Forget about easily finding bilingual books for them.

I wish children from all linguistic backgrounds had access to a good selection of bilingual literature that affirmed their home languages and cultures.

That's where Kickstarter comes in. My friend and colleague Oksana Lushchevskaa children's literature author and scholar from Ukraine, has developed a campaign that, if funded, would allow her to create and publish two Ukrainian-English picture books. I've seen her previous work, and trust me -- it's fantastic.

Here's the link to her Kickstarter website! Watch the video and read her description of the project to find out more about it.  And please consider donating. These books will not only afford Ukrainian-heritage children excellent bilingual reading experiences, but they'll also provide other children with a beautiful opportunity to connect with Ukrainian culture. As I said previously, it would be wonderful if all languages and cultures in the U.S. could be honored through children's literature, and this is a great place to start.

Check it out!

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