Friday, May 9, 2014

Little Free Libraries & Diverse KidLit

While leaving Avid Bookshop here in Athens a few days ago, I noticed what looked like a large birdhouse covered in bottle caps sitting on a post behind the store.  When I looked at it more closely, I saw that it was filled with books and bore a sign that read "Little Free Library."

This little box made me smile -- anyone can take or leave a book and share their favorite stories with the community.  I assumed it was just one of Avid's special projects until I saw another one in front of a bank a couple of days later.

My curiosity now piqued, I went online and looked up Little Free Library, and it turns out that these sweet little boxes are all over the world!  In fact, there are 17 in Athens alone, several of which are sponsored by READ Athens.  I had no clue these things existed, so I thought I'd share this information in case y'all didn't know about them either.

You can use the website's interactive map to find boxes in your area, and you can even build or order your own, register it, and start sharing books in your community.

The best part is that these libraries are a great opportunity to share your favorite multicultural books and introduce great authors and illustrators to your friends and neighbors.  Sharing more wonderful books means more fans of diverse kidlit.  So go for it!

On an even nerdier note, I decided to celebrate the end of the semester (YAY SUMMER) by combining my love of books and Instagram, and I went and took pictures of every Little Free Library in Athens.  I hope you appreciate my skilled use of filters (ha).  Enjoy!

Little Free Libraries: A Highfalutin Photoessay















#17 (artwork by local painter Jamie Calkin!)

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