Sunday, May 10, 2015

Summer Break & Shouting Out Illustrators

Well, it's summer break (according to my school calendar), so I'm on vacation.  HA right, I'll be spending the next few months going to friends' weddings, going to my own wedding, taking a three-week intensive class, and reading for comps, meaning that I'll have to take a break from my (not really) strict blogging routine.

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However!  Since this blog is one of the ways I stay sane, I'll still post.  Instead of my usual fare, though, I'll be keeping things light and easy by posting "Illustrator of the Week" pieces.  Picture book art is one of my favorite things about children's literature, so I'm going to celebrate a different illustrator every week (or so) in order to introduce you to or remind you of great artists from diverse backgrounds.

I'll start this week with an illustrator from -- surprise surprise -- Mexico, so stay tuned!

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