Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Manuel Monroy: Illustrator of the Week

This week's illustrator is Manuel Monroy!  Mr. Monroy received his degree in graphic design from la Universidad Autónoma Metrpolitana in Mexico City and has created art for children's books, magazines, advertisements, and animations for the past twenty years.  During that time, he's also won multiple awards and has shown his work in exhibits around the world.  Here's a sampling of his artwork from his website:

His images are all about balance -- they're soft yet expressive and combine earth tones with pops of bright color.  Also, they're just so dang cute, soothing, daydream-y, and perfect for picture books.  If you'd like to add some of his illustrations to your home or classroom library, hit the links below:

What Are You Doing? (Elisa Amado, also available in Spanish)

Why Are You Doing That? (Elisa Amado, also available in Spanish)

Be a Baby (Sarah Withrow, also available in Spanish)

Rooster/Gallo (Jorge Lujan)

Daybreak, Nightfall (Jorge Lujan, also available in Spanish)

When I Was a Boy, Neruda Called Me Policarpo (Poli Delano, also available in Spanish)

Un pueblo lleno de bestias (Francisco Hinojosa)

¿Quién pasó por aquí? (Martha Duhne)

Happy reading!

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