Monday, March 23, 2015

KidLit in Savannah

Have you ever been to Savannah?  It's a very cool, extremely fascinating city.  Last week was my first time down there, and I wish I could have stayed for two weeks instead of two days.  SO MUCH interesting history.

Mikve Israel, the third oldest
Jewish congregation in the US

First African Baptist Church, a stop in the Underground Railroad
and meeting place during the Civil Rights Movement

Haitian Memorial Monument, a tribute to the Haitian
soldiers who fought in the Battle of Savannah
during the American Revolution

Pretty square :)

Lots of interesting bookstores, too.  The first place I hit was E. Shaver, Bookseller, a small, independent store in the historic district.  

It had two rooms dedicated to books for young people -- one for picture books and another for chapter books and nonfiction.  Admittedly, I assumed that the selection would be pretty White and conservative (being in a city that gets a lot of White, conservative tourists), and I was pleasantly surprised to find many books by diverse authors and about diverse characters and topics.  While most of these books were more older, popular "classics," it was nice to see diversity on the shelves.  Here are some examples:

a gorgeous picture book about young Cassie's community

a super cute picture book about 
being brave with a cool grandma

BEEKLE!! (this year's Caldecott winner by Dan Santat)

 Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston
an autobiographical novel about
Japanese-American internment during World War II

an exploration of racism and the Civil Rights Movement

two of my favorite banned books right next to each other!

A W.E.B. DuBois doll next to Ruth and the Green Book

Final verdict: Loved this store, although they could stock more new diverse books -- there are lots to choose from.  Bought Beekle for the nieces, although they might have to pry it out of my selfish fingers if they really want it :)

The next day, I visited the Book Lady, a used bookstore also located in the historic area, and found quite the little treasure: a signed copy of Heave Ho! by Savannah author and illustrator, José Lucio.

Heave Ho! is the story of a little worm who wants to crawl out of his hole and play in the sunshine, only to be grabbed by a bird.  Struggle and hijinks ensue.  It's an adorable, funny book for little kids, and the illustration style (photography + mixed media) is totally charming.  Buy yourself a copy and support a talented up-and-coming author/illustrator!

If you know of any other good bookstores in Savannah, let me know!  I'm always up for more literary tourism.


  1. Wow, so glad you came across my book and enjoyed it! Thanks for the kind words, and happy to hear you enjoyed your time in Savannah; it has certainly captivated me!

    1. You're welcome -- it's a great book! Looking forward to your future projects :)